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Our UAII Team

Meet the dedicated minds steering UAII towards empowerment and excellence. From our esteemed Board of Directors to our visionary Executive Leadership, and the tireless Program Managers and Directors, each member brings a wealth of experience and passion to uplift our community and drive positive change. Together, we unite under a shared mission to cultivate resilience, foster growth, and champion holistic well-being for all.

Board of Directors

Hope Craig

Board Chairwoman and Executive Advisory Chair

Rita Courtwright

Board Treasurer

Keith Vielle

Board Vice-Chairman

Laura Escobar

Board Secretary

Jim Alexander

Board Member

Executive Leadership

Charlene Harrison

Chief Executive Officer

Jamie Ishcomer-Aazami

Acting Chief Operating Officer

Bryan Guino

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Alton

Chief Information Officer

William D. Lowe

Acting Chief Executive Officer


Omerlene Thompson

Social Services Director

Vinecea Edwards

Business Development Director

Janice Briones-Landeros

Healthcare Clinical Operations Director

Christine Kamatani headshot

Christine Kamatani

Associate Clinical Director, Behavioral Health

Davis Hong

DDS - Director of Dental Health

Bill Abbott

Director of Human Resources

Norma Blackwater

Provider - Health Services

Ramon Enriquez

Director of Youth Services

Program Managers

Richard Lujan

IT Manager

Shandiin Biiliilitso headshot

Shandiin Biiliilitso

Community Health Worker Supervisor

Dierdra Thompson

Language and Culture Program Manager

Vivian Garcia

Tribal & Community Liaison

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Andrew Vasquez

Facilities Manager

Danielle Hernandez

Member Services Manager

Eugene Williams

Program Manager

Brandon Silva Headshot

Brandon Silva

Program Manager

Maddie Sanders

Communications Manager

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