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Youth Programs

“Building Healthy Future Generations”

The UAII American Indian Clubhouse helps build the future of our communities by encouraging and supporting the growth and well-being of American Indian youth in the greater Los Angeles area in a manner that is respectful to cultural and tribal values.


Enjoy being outdoors while learning new archery skills or honing your aim.

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We offer a variety of basketball programs to meet the needs of our youth.


Bear Tracks

Our Bear Tracks program encourages healthy active lifestyles centered around challenging and rewarding outdoor activities.


Dreamcatcher Cheer Team

Our “Super” Cheer group is comprised of American Indian girls from a variety of tribal communities throughout Southern California.


Flag Football

Our coed flag football team has competed in the Inter Tribal Sports league and partnered with the Los Angeles Rams to access clinics for youth of all ages.

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Leadership Development

Our Youth Council program honors our cultural roots and prepares our youth to be future local and national leaders.


SAGE Project

SAGE (Strengthening All Generations through traditional Experience) brings several departments together to keep our community members healthy.


Summer Camp

Our summer camp has grown to become an annual institution with thousands of youth coming from all over California and Arizona.



Our Youth Programs serve the children of all our programs at UAII. Eligibility is generally determined through enrollment in a federally recognized tribe, or proof of parent’s (or grandparent’s) tribal enrollment.

Once we receive your registration with the American Indian Clubhouse, we will forward your child’s information to the American Indian Health Project, which will make them eligible for all UAII services, including summer camp. Other acceptable forms include a letter from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, or from various American Indian descendancy roles.

We also have funding for programming that doesn’t require tribal enrollment, and we try to serve as many American Indian youth and families as possible. If you have a question about eligibility, please contact us directly.

The American Indian Clubhouse

Youth programming has been a dedicated part of UAII since its founding in 1974, and the American Indian Clubhouse was formed as an independent program in 1990. As a youth-informed program, we collect feedback from youth participants, parents, and our Advisory Board on the types of programs we provide.

We draw on all the strengths of UAII and partner with all our departments, and many community services providers, to offer after-school programming and weekend activities. All our programs are provided free of charge for our registered participants.

We serve all of Los Angeles County, working with the largest American Indian population in the country. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of or American Indian youth and would like to volunteer with our program, please contact the Director of Youth Services, Ramon Enriquez, at (213)202-3970, ext 7193, or by email at
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Ready to Register?

Register for the American Indian Clubhouse quickly and easily through our online form. Once we receive your child’s registration, you will be contacted by our Department Administrator to answer any questions you might have about the program.

Throughout the year, there may be other registration forms for various programs like our sports programs, special field trips, or summer camp.

Questions? Call (213)202-3970 X 7220 or Email for more information about this program.

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