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Community Services

At UAII, we are committed to serving the diverse needs of individuals and families in Los Angeles and Orange County through our comprehensive range of community services. Our programs are designed to address the holistic well-being of our community members, incorporating culturally sensitive approaches that honor and respect Indigenous traditions and values.

At UAII, our community services are rooted in a deep commitment to promoting health, wellness, education, cultural preservation, and self-sufficiency for Native American individuals and families. We invite you to explore our programs and resources and join us in our mission to empower and uplift our community.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Find support and guidance through our compassionate services for those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. You are not alone; we’re here to help you navigate toward safety, healing, and empowerment.


Family Preservation

Discover the transformative power of Family Preservation services, designed to strengthen bonds and empower families facing challenges, fostering a nurturing environment for growth and unity.


Our Native Community

Explore the heart of our Native community, where tradition meets innovation. Discover a rich tapestry of cultural experiences and services tailored to honor and celebrate our heritage.


Behavioral Health

Discover a path to well-being with Our Behavioral Health, where compassionate care meets personalized solutions to support your mental and emotional wellness journey.


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