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UAII and ROKiT Homes Partnership

BY Maddie Sanders

Los Angeles, Ca. | Today, William Lowe, acting CEO of United American Indian Involvement, Inc. (UAII), the oldest, largest health and human services community organization serving people from more than 200 American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Tribal Nations within Los Angeles County, announced a partnership with ROKiT Homes in celebration of UAII’s 50th anniversary. This partnership aims to address the senior housing crisis among AI/AN people in Los Angeles County, where over 170,000 Native people reside. Together, UAII and ROKiT Homes will build 150 homes for senior citizens in the area.

This collaboration will also extend its benefits to over 250 Tribal Nations across the United States, where there is a significant need for affordable, quality housing. The partnership plans to meet the demand for over 20,000 homes within the next 24 months.

UAII’s acting CEO William Lowe says this is an important step in realizing the organization’s mission stating that, “Each year, state and federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), release reports with alarming statistics regarding the housing crisis in Indian Country. The data tells us that Native people are either unhoused or living in overcrowded, unsafe conditions at rates that far surpass the national average. Our goal with this partnership is to offer safe, affordable housing to close the housing gap and meet the basic human needs of our relatives locally and nationally.”

ROKiT Homes Founder and Chairman, Jonathan Kendrick, stated, “American Indian lands are an ideal location for our prefabricated homes, which cost 90% less than traditional homes. Our homes are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and other weather-related disasters. Utilizing state-of-the-art, factory-built homes constructed with next-generation, computer-designed methods, we can address the housing needs of tens of thousands of Native people over the next two years, allowing all member Tribal Nations to benefit from the UAII-managed program.”

ROKiT Homes is the exclusive sales and financing agent in the United States for the world’s largest prefabricated home manufacturer. Having already delivered 10,000 factory-built homes,ROKiT Homes can provide a fully insulated, plumbed, and wired three-bedroom, multi-generational home for under $12,000 to tribal lands in the United States. These homes can be assembled in under four hours.

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About the United American Indian Involvement, Inc.: The mission of the United American Indian Involvement, Inc., (UAII) is to promote and support the physical, behavioral, and spiritual well-being of American Indian/Alaska Natives in the urban Los Angeles area by providing comprehensive, integrated services that focus on all age groups and incorporate American Indian/Alaska Native cultures and traditions. To learn more about UAII, please visit:

About ROKiT Homes: The need to supply affordable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly housing has never been greater. Whether for disaster area resettlement, medical buildings, or new areas to combat congested living areas placing a strain on local resources, ROKiT Homes’ integrated modular compact housing provides the perfect high quality, affordable solution. To learn more about ROKiT Homes, please visit:

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