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50 Year Gala


Join us for our 50 Year Gala!

Celebrating five decades of commitment and resilience, the 50th anniversary of United American Indian Involvement Inc. (UAII) stands as a testament to the organization’s profound impact on the Native American community. Over the years, UAII has played a pivotal role in fostering empowerment, cultural preservation, and holistic well-being.

From humble beginnings, the organization has grown into a beacon of strength, providing essential services, advocacy, and a sense of community to generations of Indigenous individuals.

As we commemorate this milestone, we honor the visionaries, leaders, and community members who have contributed to UAII’s legacy. The 50th anniversary serves not only as a moment of reflection but also as a catalyst for continued dedication to uplifting Native American voices, ensuring a future of unity, resilience, and prosperity for all.

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