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Keith Vielle

Board Vice-Chairman

OKI: All My Relatives!

Keith Vielle, is a enrolled member of the Blackfeet tribe of Browning Montana. Mr Vielles family came to Los Angeles in 1963 as part of the relocation act of the 50’s. He is a US Army veteran. Mr. Vielles family continued to return to Browning MT yearly for ceremonies and to keep the much important traditions of his tribe. Keith Vielle currently is the B.O.D. Co -Chair at UAIl.ORG for the past 4 years. There Mr. Vielle continues to advocate for traditional cultural relevant services for the community in health and spiritual growth. Mr Vielle has been volunteering at UAll summer camp for over 20 years as a camp mentor. There Mr Vielle works with the archery program, teepee building, hiking, counseling the campers on traditional values and respect for mother earth. Mr Vielle is currently working with the Native boys & girls club of America as a volunteer. Mr Vielle is currently working with the county of Los Angeles as a S.U.D. counselor for the past 16 years. There Mr Vielle works with the Native community in counseling community with co-occurring & inter-generational trauma.

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