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Brandon Silva

Program Manager

Brandon Silva Headshot

Brandon Silva is a dedicated Workforce Development Manager based in the vibrant Los Angeles area. With a profound commitment to serving the American Indian and Alaskan Native communities of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, he has made a significant impact in improving the social determinants of health over the course of his career.

Brandon’s journey with United American Indian Involvement, Inc. spans five years, during which he has passionately worked to uplift communities, with a particular focus on the Native Community. He holds a Master of Public Health degree from California State University, Los Angeles, specializing in Urban Health, which equips him with a deep understanding of the complex challenges faced by urban populations. His unwavering dedication to his work, deep-rooted passion for community improvement, and his focus on promoting cultural preservation within urban settings make him a true champion of positive change.

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We provide access to culturally-sensitive healthcare, clinical services, case management, and health education.

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We offer evidence-based and culturally appropriate programs for substance use, workforce development, elder services, and much more.


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Since our founding, we’ve delivered programs that promote the growth and well-being of our youth while passing on our cultural knowledge and tribal values.


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