UAII First in LA for Native Housing

UAII is proud to announce that we will be expanding our services to include direct access to the first Native American housing in Los Angeles! UAII recently leased a 30-unit apartment complex in South Los Angeles in order to provide housing to those clients who may face challenges in acquiring housing through traditional lease options. 


The new communal-living complex will be entirely occupied by UAII community members. As residents of our UAII housing community, you will have access to affordable, quality housing and access to on-site programming that help residents improve their health & wellness.


UAII will also launch our newest department, the UAII – Housing Services Department. The new department will be our 6th department and our first since the establishment of Workforce Development and Training in 2018. We have been listening to our community which recognized the need to access affordable and quality housing. We want our community to know we have heard you.  


Our organization began as a small drop-in shelter in 1974 on the streets of skidrow, downtown L.A., for those who were without access to resources or services. Addressing housing instability and homelessness has continued to remain a priority while ensuring our members feel they have a sense of hope within our organization. UAII will continue to be the People Home and now have another reason to celebrate in our community. 


UAII currently provides clients with housing assistance services across multiple departments and programs. However, this new department will combine most of those resources and services into one dedicated program to address our community’s housing needs. This new department will work alongside our partner organizations, local landlords, and Managed Care Plans to deliver crucial housing navigation, tenancy and sustained long-term services. Specific services available through this department will include rental payment assistance, mortgage payments, utility assistance, emergency housing assistance, food security assistance, security deposit support, and more! 

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