Graduates Recognized by RSFWC

Graduating High School is an important milestone that deserves to be recognized. For some High School seniors, graduation can be recognized as a rite of passage. Where one window closes, another one opens. It’s a wonderful moment to reflect on past accomplishments and look forward to future ones. This year, the Robert Sundance Family Wellness Center wanted to recognize 6 High School graduates and show our appreciation for their continued effort to be a part of our WIND program and UAII community! 


To celebrate, graduating youth and their families were invited to attend a Graduation Celebration at Dave and Buster’s in Santa Anita. Seven Generation’s hosted the event and invited WIND to assist with the awards ceremony. WIND participants who were not able to attend the Dave and Buster’s Graduation Celebration were still eligible to receive a WIND graduation gift. In fact, each High School graduate was gifted with a graduation picture frame, sign, card, and amazon gift card. Please see photos below of our 2022 graduates.

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