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It’s Official… UAII is on the MOVE!


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are excited to announce the move to our new building scheduled for THIS MONTH!


All current services – Los Angeles American Indian Health Project, our Wellness Team, and our Community Clinic – will be moved to the new location starting May 1st.


Our 6th Street location will no longer be offering any services after May 1st.


Please note: Our Community Clinic will be on a break from April 25 – May 23.


The clinic will open Tuesday, May 24. (Dates may change due to unforeseen issues.)


UAII is Transitioning to a Brighter Future


The anticipation has been growing within UAII for a place that will allow for greater expansion and unity across all departments. As we look forward to building on the history of service and dedication, our staff members are committed to ensuring that members of our community are aware and can make plans for the first location change in over 20 years.


“UAII will finally have a building that it deserves,” said an Elder at a recent UAII gathering. “The community will grow right along with UAII.” 


Completely reconstructed, the 30,000 square foot building has been structured solely for UAII.


It features a renovated interior designed to host all of UAII’s wrap-around services, workshops, weekly events, and community meals. Additionally, our new building features a full-service community center, a full kitchen, and a large outdoor patio for gatherings.


CEO, Luis Cervantes has made it a priority to ensure that communication with our community is a focal point and that our partners, funders, and political supporters are aware of the upcoming move. 


Soon our leadership team will meet with political representatives like LA Councilmembers Gil Cedillo whose district UAII will remain in, along with political partners in Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, Congressman Jimmy Gomez, and the office of Senator Kamala Harris. We are committed to working alongside our funders and look forward to growing our partnerships further. 


Unity in our Location


For over 20 years, UAII was headquartered at 1125 West 6th Street, near the corners of 6th street and Bixel, operating on five levels of the six-level structure. The expansive layout made it difficult to build relationships across departments as employees rarely saw one another.


Our new building features two large floor plans, which are conducive to cohesiveness among UAII staff members, clients, and guests.


The 1st floor consists of an updated registration area along with the Los Angeles American Indian Health Project consisting of a community clinic, dietician and health educator and case management team, the Robert Sundance Family Wellness Center, and the American Indian Clubhouse. A newly-constructed kitchen will be easily accessible for community meals in the adjoining community center, as well as a large outdoor patio for lunch breaks and events. 











The 2nd floor will host our administrative offices, the Workforce Development and Training Department, Seven Generations Child and Family Services, I.T., and the UAII facilities team. 


The new location will be accessible from the 101 freeway off the 4a exit. You can find assistance on Google maps directing you to our new location.


The Metro bus line 10 stops in a short walking distance to our location or the bus line 92 coming from downtown L.A. will leave you a short 5 – 10 minute walk away.


Fun facts about the area include: a walk around the Echo Park Lake is 1 mile long, there is great food including a caterer of several of our staff lunches, the Park’s finest (Filipino Barbeque), or new places like Guisadas (Tacos), or Tribal Cafe (Bohemian Style Bistro). The Echo Park Library is within walking distance of our new facility.


Look to the Future, By Remembering the Past


During this time of change and adaptation, we look to the history of UAII which has operated several locations over its 46-year history.


“UAII has come a long way,” said Dave Rambeau, former Executive Director of UAII from 1981 to 2014. “We started with five employees, a $300,000 budget, and a tiny office on Skid Row’s Winston Street. And by the year 2000, we opened on 6th Street with an annual budget of $1 million. At the same time, we opened our Alcohol Program on Temple Street with an annual budget of $800,000.” Rambeau continued, “When Winston Street closed in January 2000, the Skid Row community was encouraged and welcomed to their new home on 6th Street. A Hopi Traditional Practitioner Theodora Homeytewa-Sockyma, her son Mike, and I conducted a ceremony to close Winston Street and open “Our New Place.” Great care was taken to bring our sisters and brothers with us who had passed on in the Spirit World. All future UAII programs after 2000 were developed as expressed by our Skid Row family – especially the women.”


Expansion as a Whole


As the largest urban American Indian service provider in the County of Los Angeles, our new location on Temple Street will allow us to provide much-needed medical care, mental/ behavioral health treatment, youth services, health education, and workforce training, on a much larger scale. Soon we will be unveiling plans for additional sites; please follow our website for more info. 


There is great anticipation for the future of the organization as we continue to build on the history of our organization in a new home. Aksia Funmaker, UAII youth intern, and Workforce Department client stated “I’ve been coming to the building on 6th Street since I was a child, and I can’t wait to see the organization grow more and more in its new location.”


“This move represents growth of our organization even as we continue to find positives during a pandemic,” VP of Development Joseph Quintana said. “UAII has remained a beacon of light for our community for 46 years. That hope is not defined by the walls that surround us but is found in the people within its walls. We’ve moved in the past, and each time, we’ve grown and expanded our resources for our community. This will be an opportunity to become better united under one roof.”


For more information please follow our “UAII on the MOVE” tab on our website at or follow along with one of our social media sites.


For follow-up questions, donations, sponsorship, or media requests please contact


Thank you UAII staff and community for your support![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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