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Children’s Health Day Easter Event



Guess who came to UAII on April 15th?


The Easter Bunny! And this year, he taught our kids how to take better care of their health.


UAII enjoyed a HEALTHY EASTER as we geared up for Children’s Health Day alongside our annual Easter celebration. It featured delicious food, fun games for the whole family, and exciting prizes for all!


Alongside the fun, we also offered well-child visits and mobile dental screenings for the first time.




At UAII we care about the health of our kids – and we wanted to show our community that Easter and children’s health can go hand-in-hand!


“For the past two years we’ve had a lot of COVID,” Joseph Quintana, VP of Development said. “And some of the kids haven’t been seen by a doctor or dentist for a while. We hope to have a big overwhelming response this year – and we’re so happy to see their faces again.”


The UAII Children’s Health Day Easter Celebration was hosted in the backyard of our new headquarters on Temple Street.


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