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Prevention is the Best Intervention! 


At Seven Generations we continue to work toward the goal of “supporting our future” by helping our little ones, from birth to five years old. Our department has been developing an approach to working with young children and their parents and incorporating crucial developmental screenings into our intake process with young children. These screenings will help enormously in monitoring our children’s developmental milestones and determining whether they need further evaluation for other services. 


Prevention is the best intervention! 


In addition to Positive Indian Parenting, our staff is being trained in the court-approved Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP), designed to be implemented in either a group setting or individually, with our parents of little ones. We are excited to announce that our Palmdale location has already started its first NPP group! 


By developing opportunities for parents through our culturally-appropriate parenting programs, we hope to support parents in breaking the cycle of historic trauma. A big part of our therapeutic approach with young children includes working with parents to create a healthy and safe environment, and creating trusting relationships with caregivers. 


Seven Generations recently received licensing as a Family Foster Agency (FFA) and is currently working on recruiting Native foster families. Much more to come on this soon…


Seven Generations would like to welcome our new staff: Jennifer Palacios, In-home Counselor, Julio Sanchez and Vivian Garcia, Care Coordinators, and Therapist, Tifanni Prater. 

We have 3 new Interns: Eva Powless and Nellie Melendrez (MSW Interns) and Lauren Reierson (Doctoral Intern). We also have 3 Post Doctoral Fellows starting with us, Carina Vecchi, Danielle Nelson and Sylvia Shaykis. 

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