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Housing and Rental Assistance Project Starts Soon


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Recently our organization has begun to proactively develop a strategy to provide services and resources focused on the housing needs of our community members impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has left many of our members without access to stable housing and has increased the stress of finding a stable home.


UAII will also take part in a statewide year-long initiative that will help our members across L.A. County and Orange County who are impacted by the housing crisis. Throughout the pandemic, we are seeing increases in housing instability or those who require immediate assistance, but many of the shelters and housing facilities are at capacity. Our organization will continue to adapt our services to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our members and make sure we are there to assist with any challenges that stem from the crisis. To schedule an appointment or to link, renters and landlords, to the state-wide Housing is Key program please call 213-202-3970 ext 7221.


We are happy to announce that we are working with our partners at the LA County Workforce Development, Aging, and Community Services (WDACS) and the L.A. City/ County Native American Indian Commission as we have been awarded additional funding as part of the Community Service Block American Indian Grant (CSBAIG). This will assist our members with access to emergency rental/housing assistance, provide food and PPE, links to our wrap-around services, and preparation to be successful in a job.


The housing project will be led by our Workforce Development department, where Director Rene’ Williams and the Workforce team are eager to begin working with clients organization-wide who are dealing with evictions, emergency rental assistance, in need of job training, and finding employment to sustain housing long-term. Our CEO, Luis C. has also assembled a team of directors who will provide guidance on the development of the housing project as we work to find additional resources, identify and build strong partnerships, and continue to advocate on behalf of our members.


Please follow our website services and social media posts for future announcements. 


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