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Halloween Fun at the Trunk or Treat 


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On Friday, October 30th, UAII welcomed many of our family members from the community for a spooktacular time for the entire family! 


The Halloween Trunk-or-Treat event was hosted by our American Indian Clubhouse (AIC) and our youth leadership council. Many of UAII’s departments took part by dressing up in costumes, including Alice in Wonderland, Witches, Coco, and A Hazardous Crew, just to name a few. 


Even Charlie Brown’s the Great Pumpkin was in on the fun! 


The master of scare-ramonies was Ramon Enriquez (AIC Director) who wore an orange and black pumpkin suit. Even our Chief Executive Officer, Luis Cervantes, joined in on the fun, welcoming guests as they made their way down the scary alleyway behind our building at 6th and Bixel Street. 


As families made their way down the alley, they were greeted by different costumed characters who gave out bags promoting dental hygiene, swag items, and of course, Halloween treats and candy. Each department also constructed elaborately themed trunks designed to spook and bring laughter to all attendees.


The Halloween Trunk-or-Treat was our last event at our 1125 location! 


We are now preparing for our move to the new UAII Main Office at 1453 West Temple Street. This was such a wonderful way to include our community in a final event at the 6th Street building, as we have hosted so many different gatherings that have brought our community together over the past 20 years. 


We have remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but we had to cancel all in-person events to limit any risk to our members. The Halloween Trunk-or-Treat was a great way to practice social distancing while also bringing our community together one last time in our current location. Seeing the smiles of our youth and the joy of our families makes our work all worthwhile!


Thank you to all of our UAII staff, volunteers, and community members who made this night a tremendous success. Please visit our social media sites for more photos and for up-to-date information about UAII on the Move!


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