UAII – Updates During Coronavirus Pandemic


Dear members of the UAII Community,

I hope that everyone is safe and remaining healthy.

I am writing because nearly a month has passed since the decision was made to suspend all in-person UAII workshops and group activities due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. While these are difficult times and each of us are mourning what used to be the norm, a number of positive things have emerged as we all have done our best to adapt:

  • A majority of the staff at UAII have been able to work remotely and continue providing remote services such as counseling, therapy, and case management.
  • Virtual workshops, curriculums, support groups, and cultural activities have continued to emerge amongst all the departments.
  • On-site staff continue to serve clients grab-and-go breakfast and lunches daily. 
  • Food baskets, medications, fresh fruits/vegetables, and baby supplies are prepared by on-site staff and delivered to our Elders, women and children, and families.
  • The UAII Community Clinic remains open and is operating under telephone triage and appointment only visits.
  • We are also reviewing telehealth and phasing it into our service model.
  • Key staff participate in the Native American Indian Commission ad hoc group that is sharing resources and information for the Community.
  • The Indian Health Service is upholding the commitment to our Community by providing us with access to resources including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our Community Clinic so we can continue to plan, prepare, and respond to COVID-19.

I cannot express enough how thankful and inspired I am with what I have seen in the past month. These times may be uncertain but the collective commitment from UAII staff is not. Thank you for remaining optimistic, taking care of your loved ones, of yourself, our Elders and our Community. As I have stated before, we are all Community and we all are in this together.

In accordance with the revised “Safer at Home” order, in-person services and activities at UAII will remain suspended until May 15th. I will provide further updates as the situation around COVID-19 continues to evolve.

Until then, please continue to stay safe and well.


Eugene Martinez,
Interim Chief Executive Officer

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  1. Devan Rose

    To whom this may concern,

    My name is Devan Rose and I just wanted to say I was very excited to come across this organization because of a meeting where I saw Joseph Quintana. I know due to Covid you are not doing things in person but if you have any volunteer opportunities or need support in any way I’d love to give that to you.
    Thank you for your time and efforts.

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