Family Services

Child and Family Counseling Services was developed to meet the growing needs of American Indian Children and Families in Los Angeles County. Throughout the years we have expanded to provide services to Women who are victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse and Children who are victims of Child Abuse. We have a Family Preservation and Family Support program. We also provide mental health services to adults, so now provide services to all age groups and insurance is not required for many of our programs.

Family Preservation ProgramProvides services for DCFS & Probation referred families who have reunited with their children or for families who are at risk of losing custody of their children due to neglect or abuse. The Program is comprehensive and intensive and assists the families to have adequate follow up to ensure successful reunification. The services are time-limited from 3 months to a year and include therapy, family activities, coaching in parenting and life skills and can include helping the families to obtain needed furniture and household necessities, linkage to substance abuse treatment, specialized educational services, housing, and health care. The program of each family is individualized to fit their particular needs and to move them toward self-sufficiency.


Prevention & Aftercare Services
Provides Emergency Basic Support Services, Parent-Child and/or Family-Centered Cultural Activities, Positive Indian Parenting/Parenting Education, Financial Literacy Education, Case Navigation and Linkage Services.


Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault:
This program provides services for American Indian women and families who have been victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and is funded through the California Emergency Management Agency. Also, provides support services that include Individual and Group Counseling, emergency transportation, and community outreach and training.